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  • From concept to component


Prototype Development

Affinity develops prototypes of new parts and assemblies for validation or proving a concept and has been involved with research and development projects around the world, making unique, specialized custom items to prove their use and feasibility. We keep lead times low and product quality high, as we know that a customer’s timeline is valuable. Our team has been part of R&D projects for schools, universities, research facilities and international organizations, pushing the frontiers of science and technology. Your designs are safe with us, as we follow strict ethics and a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement with all our customers, even if no commercial transaction takes place. Request a Quote and see how our team can help you.

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Production Runs

Affinity can provide batch part production solutions for your product needs: you need them, we can make them. Our factory is experienced in producing an enormous diversity of features and part sizes, at economical cost and high precision. Every cost that we can save is passed on to our customers. All our highly trained staff members are focused on bringing the best possible part quality to you, as fast as possible.

Inventory Control Services

We have experience in Kanban, blanket POs, monthly releases, pull systems, and Just-In-Time principles, to help in your Lean Manufacturing initiatives. If you only want parts when you need them, we can keep you supplied without worry about shortage or wasted inventory. If you want your business value to flow, consider making us part of your supply chain. We ship to anywhere in the world.

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Turnkey & Assemblies

We undertake procurement of raw materials, machining of parts, heat treatments, finishing operations, and surface treatments all in one service. We have years of experience in production of sub-assemblies and assemblies involving mechanical, optical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other parts to provide a turnkey solution to our customers. We have lots of experience in the sourcing of hard-to-find materials and maintaining inventory of hardware and other standard components. Make Affinity part of your supply chain. Ask us how!

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Design for Manufacturability Consultation

We have CAD/CAM analysts experienced in analyzing parts, assemblies and internal fixtures, from a machinability and assembly standpoint. We offer free consultation to our customers towards optimizing their designs for manufacturability. Work with us from the design stage to keep costs low and quality high. Establish ease of production with our trained machining experts to improve feasibility and reduce expense. Consult with us for specific questions you may have.

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We have the equipment, skill and experience in the fabrication sector involving: - Aluminum, Steel and Stainless-Steel weldments using MIG or TIG welding, Painted or powder coated Custom welded racks, carts, machine frames, etc. made from structural steel or stainless steel members. Truck-mounted glass carrying racks are our specialty. - Anodized Aluminum T-slot framing for work stations, modular fixtures, material handling, and ergonomic storage solutions using a wide variety of extrusions and accessories We have plenty of space at our new 30000 square ft. facility to handle large fabrications and assembles. Contact Affinity for your fabrication projects, large or small.

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CMM Reports, COC & More

We have in-house facilities to provide:

    • - CMM and manual Inspection services including GD&T relations
    • - Customized inspection reports traceable to NIST or NRC
    • - Calibration Certificates for the instruments/gauges used in inspection
    • - Certificates of Conformance
    • - Material Test reports
    • - ROHS/REACH Compliance
    • - Conflict Minerals Report

Metrology facilities:

    • - Temperature controlled metrology room
    • - Mitutoyo Crysta Apex 9166 CMM with continuous scanning head, MiCat , MeasureLink and dozens of accessories
    • - Mitutoyo PH-A14 Optical Profile Projector
    • - Moticam SMZ-168TP Digital Microscope
    • - Mitutoyo LH600E Linear height gauge with various probes
    • - In-house calibration for small instruments
    • - Calipers, Micrometers, height gauges, Bore gauges, Hole-test systems, groove guns
    • - Pin gauges, gauge blocks, Ball gauges, thread gauges, radius gauges, disc gauges
    • - Squares and bevel protractors for angular measurement
    • - Granite plates, angle plates, precision vises and measuring fixtures

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