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Robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. With organizations adopting them at scale, it is allowing companies to deliver faster customer service, better quality products and efficient operations and thus provide enormous value.

CNC Machining is regularly used to produce custom parts for the robotic industry. Often robotic applications are highly tailored to their use case. This makes CNC Machining the ideal manufacturing option due to being able to economically unique parts at low volumes.

With quality being essential to the successful performance of your product, Affinity understands the critical applications of your CNC Machined Robotic components.  Our skilled machinists work closely with clients and their team to develop the specific components assemblies and spare parts your project requires. No matter how complex, we will work with you to create a component meeting your precision and accuracy demands.

Manufacturing Material
Capability for Robotics & Automation

We regularly work with the following materials while machining products for the oil and gas industry. These materials have different machining characteristics and demand high finishes, as well as tight tolerances.

Manufacturing Material
Capability for Robotics & Automation

We have worked directly with Engineers with a concept and have brought it to reality within days.  Our understanding of Form, Fit and Functions along with design for manufacturing concepts have allowed Affinity to offer unique perspective and value to our clients.

Why is CNC Machining the best suited option for producing Robotic parts?

Wider Material & SizesUnlike the additive processes pretty any material can be used in this process and size is not a limitation.

Dimensional Accuracy: Dimensional accuracy is vital in robotics. Robots often work between fixed points in space and can’t accept large deviations in dimensional accuracy. At Affinity, we offer CNC Machining to a fine tolerances. This is crucial for applications that demand precise and highly repeatable movements.

Surface Finish: CNC Machining allows for the surface finish to be controlled precisely. In many robotic cases where gripping or suction is required, part flatness and surface roughness are critical properties. CNC Machining can produce parts to a surface roughness of Ra 0.8μm and even lower with additional finishing processes.

Shorter lead times: Lead times for CNC machined parts are comparatively lower than many other processes. From design to final part cycle is much faster. This allows for the rapid iteration and refinement that many custom robotic applications require.

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