Why Go With Us For Precision CNC Machining?

At Affinity Manufacturing Ltd, we pride ourselves on having the best and most up to date computer numerical controlled machines, particularly precision CNC machines. Yes there are many companies out there that can provide you with precision CNC machines, but they are not always the best and most advanced.

This can become a problem when you need to make a particular part, or manufacture something that requires extremely particular precision CNC machines. These precision CNC machines can be too expensive for one company to buy for a small production run, but they are so advanced that you need to carefully research your provider in order to make sure that they can offer you exactly what you need.

If you choose to go with Affinity Manufacturing Ltd for your precision CNC machines, then you can count on having the best computer numerical controlled options available to you. As well, you will have a team of experts who can assist you with everything you need for your production, from design help to small tips along the way, to follow up advice. This is the type of company you want behind you when you are developing a prototype, or manufacturing a unique production.

Some people might have concerns when using an outside firm to provide precision CNC machining because of the nature of the product that is being manufactured. It could be a prototype, or something very unique and proprietary. Concerns come into the picture as the owner of the designs might worry that the company providing the precision CNC machines could leak these designs, or information regarding the manufacturing process. This may happen with some companies, but absolutely not if you choose to go with Affinity Manufacturing Ltd as your precision CNC machining provider, as we offer a full non disclosure agreement.

There really is no need to look elsewhere for precision CNC machines. We have everything you need for your manufacturing purposes. As recently as July, we’ve added the following advanced CNC precision machines:

Part name: Fuel Cell Parts Material: Nickel 200 Tolerance: +-0.02 mm Challenge: Nickel 200 is highly ductile which makes it very hard to machine.

Part Name: Sensor Switch Material: Turcite Tolerance: +-0.01 mm Challenge: Extremely fragile part to be machined on CNC Lathe & CNC Milling.

For the most advanced precision CNC machines and the best service, we’re the company you can count on.