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How to get the best surface finish from a CNC milling machine

So how do you get the best quality finish from a surface using a CNC milling machine? The most obvious and recommended answer is to enlist the help of an experienced company with a background in CNC machining, as you can be assured of high quality work.

If you decide to do the work yourself, then there are many different tips and tricks that you can use on a CNC machine to ensure that you create a good quality surface finish.

Ensure the correct speed and feed

One of the most critical elements of using a CNC milling machine is to ensure that the feeds and speeds are correct for the job that you are trying to complete. While it may be tempting to estimate or guess at what speeds are required, there are a number of different factors that need to be taken in to consideration.

One option is to use CNC machine software to advise you of the feeds and speeds that are suited to your activity, so unless you are heavily experienced in completing the job at hand, then this is worth some serious consideration.

If you do use a CNC machining company, then one positive is that they will most likely have the best software and tools available, ensuring the speeds and feeds are accurate and precise.

Different tools for finishing

One useful tip to ensure a top surface finish is to keep one tool especially for finishing, while another for roughing. This will allow the finishing tool to create a finer and better quality finish, while the roughing tool can be used for the bulk of the work.

Once the finishing tool has been used for several finishes, it can then be utilized as a roughing tool, with a new tool brought in to finish.

Clear any chips

While most professionals will already know, one vital job is to ensure any excess chips are cleared up as soon as possible. As the CNC milling machine cutter continues to work, chips can easily slide around and scratch the material, potentially damaging the end product and ensuring a poor finish.

By air blasting the chips away frequently this will keep them away from the hole and will consequently minimise the chance of scratching.

Benefits of using a professional CNC machine company

While the above tips are just a brief selection out of a whole range of tips to create a top surface finish through a CNC milling machine, it is highly recommended to use the expertise of a dedicated CNC machine company.

The initial cost of a CNC machine can be considerably large, so before deciding to go this route yourself, it is certainly worth considering if the work you are doing can be outsourced. This may be a cheaper and more efficient way of creating the products that you desire, while also giving you access to more expertise and guidance throughout the process.