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Do You Need A CNC Milling Machine?

CNC milling machines are one of those inventions that have truly changed the manufacturing industry for the better. As a computer numerical controlled machine, it is operated by a software program instead of a human being, meaning that the results it produces are more detailed, it can make many products in a short space of time and can be completely automated if needed.

A CNC milling machine does all that a regular milling machine would, with all of the above benefits on top of that. If you work in the manufacturing industry then you will probably need a CNC milling machine at some stage to help you with production. The question is, should you purchase, or make one yourself, or simply avail of it from an outside source? The answer to this depends on the needs of your business, for example what and how much of you need to produce and how often you need to do so.

Small CNC milling machines can be relatively easy to make but do require expert skill, so if you do not feel you will be able to make a machine like this accurately then there is no point in doing so, as it will not produce the detailed and qualtitative results that you want. In order to make CNC milling machines, not only do you need excellent mechanical engineering skills, but you also need to be a bit of an IT whiz to be able to write the computer program that runs the CNC milling machine. If you avail use a CNC milling machine from an outside source, like Affinity Manufacturing Ltd, then you will have a team of people with all of these skills available to you, as well as the most up to date CNC machinery.

You must also think of what you need from a CNC milling machine. If you want it to make a prototype or part, then it is not necessarily a good idea to invest in one yourself. You may not wish to follow through with your prototype and if this is the case you will be left with a CNC milling machine that you do not need.  As well, the advantage of outsourcing your machining is that the machining company has multiple machines and expert maintenance, so you are not depending on one machine to function well.  If a machine has a technical problem, or requires maintenance, it can be handled while other machines are still in operation, meaning that production does not have to come to a halt.

If you choose to use Affinity Manufacturing Ltd for a CNC milling machine, the team there will be able to advise you on your prototype, both design and construction wise. We will also offer a non-disclosure agreement so your designs will remain in your hands exclusively.

If you need to use a CNC milling machine on a regular basis for mass production then it may very well be worth investing in one, but for reliable, timely CNC milling machine use, from prototypes to large production runs alike, contact Affinity and let us assist you with your CNC milling machine needs.