Role of a Precision Component Manufacturer

Manufacturing of precision components and assemblies needs professional capability and vast experience. The manufacturers play a critical role in the conceptualizing till the production of the end product for a particular industry. CNC milling machine and various other products are manufactured by experienced and seasoned manufacturers.

Each precision component manufacturer plays a critical role in the development of the overall product. The end product needs to be specific to the requirement of the business. Right from the scratch till the final product delivery, component manufacturers play an important part in serving the industry needs.

Conceptual Design

Precision component manufacturers provide a comprehensive set of services to ensure that the end product is as per the specifications and requirements. Quality support is provided in product design and conceptualization as well. The best of engineers work with different businesses, to understand their requirement, product complexity and provide the best technical and production support.

Product Development

The main focus is on the development of the finest quality precision components and assemblies for divergent industries. The product development stage includes developing the precise product and adhering to the production guidelines. The best manufactures not only match the quality standards set in the industry; but do every effort to exceed it. They bring to use their strong engineering base to produce the best products.

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery of the product as per the schedule is also important for the industry. It is essential to match the guidelines and deliver accordingly.

Best Price

Best price guarantee is also a desirable factor when it comes to hiring the services of a manufacturer. The best of component manufacturers are reasonably priced and provide the best products at a competitive price.

4 Benefits Of Precision Machining

Precision machining produces a wide variety of objects we use on a daily and is one of the most important techniques used in the machining industry.

Items such as tools and equipment are shaped with a high-level of accuracy via quality precision machining that utilizes sophisticated software such as CAM (computer aided manufacturing) or CAD (computer aided design) to interpret blueprint designs.

A number of materials, including steel, copper, graphite, titanium and plastics, to name a few, can be cut with optimal precision.

Here are 4 benefits of using precision machining:

Increased Efficiency In Production

These machines which are technically advanced surpass the abilities of human beings, as they are able to work at a much faster pace.In addition, these high-tech machines reduce the number of hired workers needed as the machines can do more in less time.

Eradication Of Human Error

The cost of manufacturing is dramatically reduced with the use of precision machining because the use of CNC machines (computer numerically controlled) can produce precise components with little risk of error.

Quicker Assembly

Precision engineered machines come equipped with automatic assembly features which eliminates the need for manual assembly.  Without the need for human hands to assemble components companies can take on larger projects and more of them as production time is reduced greatly.

Reduction In Material Waste

The introduction of precision machining has reduced much waste for companies who use costly raw materials to produce high-quality parts and components.  The ability to utilize all of the material for production saves companies a lot of money.

The demand for precision machining is increasing as companies look for ways to increase productivity, boost efficiency and increase their bottom line.  In today’s competitive economic market, businesses must understand the importance of precision machining and take the time to invest in a professional company that can program and manage small to large projects efficiently, such as Affinity Manufacturing Ltd. in Surrey, BC.

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Prototype Development and Prototype Design With Affinity

If you have a prototype in mind, getting it off the ground can often seem like an overwhelming task. It is difficult in many ways, because although you may indeed have a brilliant vision, designing it and developing it can often require a set of skills and machinery you just don’t have.

This can be disheartening, as all you want to do is see your idea come to life. Yes, you are aware that it may not be perfect on the first try, but when you have access to the right prototype development and prototype design skills and machinery, you know that you are on the right track in making your final product that bit more real.

Thankfully, there are firms out there, like Affinity Manufacturing, that can assist you with prototype development and prototype design. You don’t have to work alone when putting together something so big, in fact we can be with you every step of the way, from the very beginning to offering continued support, even after your prototype has been completed and manufactured.

If you have a prototype in mind, you have the choice to draw up the designs yourself, or let us design it for you based on your ideas. If you design it yourself, we can offer a non-disclosure agreement to make sure that your prototype idea is protected from falling into the hands of others. We can also offer suggestions on how to improve your design, or how to change it if it does not seem possible to develop as it is currently drawn up.

Should you choose to have your prototype design done for you, then we can work using your ideas and design a prototype that will potentially meet your expected output, using your original ideas. You can have your input on all decisions and can oversee every bit of the prototype design process to ensure that it is on a par with your initial vision and will function the way you need it to.

For prototype development, there is a wide range of CNC and conventional machines that will make the prototype design come to life. We offer a fast turnaround for submitted designs and can keep developing your prototype until you are entirely happy with it.

For prototype design and prototype development, you don’t have to commit straight away. If you contact us, we can give you a free quote so you can decide whether we are the company to go with for prototype design and development.  (We are!) It is unlikely that you will be disappointed once you see the excellent value we offer, considering the range of skills and CNC and conventional machinery available to you.  So, given that the quote is entirely free, why not get in touch and see if we can help you out with your prototype design and prototype development needs. Once you see your vision begin to come to life, you will not regret it.

What is it? A 5 Axis CNC Machine Explained

A 5 axis CNC machine is a manufacturing design and process that allows multiple tools that move in several different ways to combine together in order to manufacture complex parts or goods. Multi-axis machines can vary the amount of axes that they have, with anything from 4 to 9 axes currently available on the market.

By using CNC (computer numerical control) tools, a 5 axis CNC machine is able to produce parts by either laser cutting or water jet cutting material, or by milling away the excess material in order to leave a completed product. A 5 axis CNC machine can be used to cut practically any material that is able to be cut with other manufacturing machines and provides an array of advantages over both the manual machines and those with a fewer number of axes.

Improvements over single axis CNC tools

While single axis CNC tools may be sufficient for certain manufacturing jobs, multi-axis machines offer a number of improvements over their single axis counterparts. Allowing an increased level of complexity and intricacy, the 5 axis CNC machine is able to further reduce the amount of man hours that are needed to produce the parts or goods, while also allowing a smoother and cleaner finish, as the tool can move more freely in different directions. Having multiple axes also allows the machine to work without having to manually adjust the material on the machine in order to change its cutting position.

Computer aided manufacturing and computer aided design

One of the key elements of the 5 axis CNC machine, and other multi-axis systems, is the use of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer aided design (CAD). By utilizing these computer software programmes, you are able to design a complex set of instructions that can be easily repeated to create duplicate parts and goods with far more productivity.

The different usages of a 5 axis CNC machine

If you are going to invest in a 5 axis CNC machine, and it can quite a considerable investment, then you want to be sure you are really going to require it in the long term. Having more advanced functions such as being able to cut from multiple angles simultaneously is a great tool to have and can save a lot of time, but is it really required for your business? It may be that outsourcing some of the more complicated and intricate work to a company who already has a 5 axis CNC machine may be the best option, as they will have all of the necessary expertise required to operate it.

In summary

Investing in a 5 axis CNC machine is not a step that should be taken lightly, but if your business is going to be using it frequently then it could end up making a huge difference to your efficiency, productivity and most importantly to your bottom line profit.  Rather than buying one for yourself, there are a number of businesses out there specializing in this type of manufacturing that are well worth your consideration.

How to get the best surface finish from a CNC milling machine

So how do you get the best quality finish from a surface using a CNC milling machine? The most obvious and recommended answer is to enlist the help of an experienced company with a background in CNC machining, as you can be assured of high quality work.

If you decide to do the work yourself, then there are many different tips and tricks that you can use on a CNC machine to ensure that you create a good quality surface finish.

Ensure the correct speed and feed

One of the most critical elements of using a CNC milling machine is to ensure that the feeds and speeds are correct for the job that you are trying to complete. While it may be tempting to estimate or guess at what speeds are required, there are a number of different factors that need to be taken in to consideration.

One option is to use CNC machine software to advise you of the feeds and speeds that are suited to your activity, so unless you are heavily experienced in completing the job at hand, then this is worth some serious consideration.

If you do use a CNC machining company, then one positive is that they will most likely have the best software and tools available, ensuring the speeds and feeds are accurate and precise.

Different tools for finishing

One useful tip to ensure a top surface finish is to keep one tool especially for finishing, while another for roughing. This will allow the finishing tool to create a finer and better quality finish, while the roughing tool can be used for the bulk of the work.

Once the finishing tool has been used for several finishes, it can then be utilized as a roughing tool, with a new tool brought in to finish.

Clear any chips

While most professionals will already know, one vital job is to ensure any excess chips are cleared up as soon as possible. As the CNC milling machine cutter continues to work, chips can easily slide around and scratch the material, potentially damaging the end product and ensuring a poor finish.

By air blasting the chips away frequently this will keep them away from the hole and will consequently minimise the chance of scratching.

Benefits of using a professional CNC machine company

While the above tips are just a brief selection out of a whole range of tips to create a top surface finish through a CNC milling machine, it is highly recommended to use the expertise of a dedicated CNC machine company.

The initial cost of a CNC machine can be considerably large, so before deciding to go this route yourself, it is certainly worth considering if the work you are doing can be outsourced. This may be a cheaper and more efficient way of creating the products that you desire, while also giving you access to more expertise and guidance throughout the process.

Why Go With Us For Precision CNC Machining?

At Affinity Manufacturing Ltd, we pride ourselves on having the best and most up to date computer numerical controlled machines, particularly precision CNC machines. Yes there are many companies out there that can provide you with precision CNC machines, but they are not always the best and most advanced.

This can become a problem when you need to make a particular part, or manufacture something that requires extremely particular precision CNC machines. These precision CNC machines can be too expensive for one company to buy for a small production run, but they are so advanced that you need to carefully research your provider in order to make sure that they can offer you exactly what you need.

If you choose to go with Affinity Manufacturing Ltd for your precision CNC machines, then you can count on having the best computer numerical controlled options available to you. As well, you will have a team of experts who can assist you with everything you need for your production, from design help to small tips along the way, to follow up advice. This is the type of company you want behind you when you are developing a prototype, or manufacturing a unique production.

Some people might have concerns when using an outside firm to provide precision CNC machining because of the nature of the product that is being manufactured. It could be a prototype, or something very unique and proprietary. Concerns come into the picture as the owner of the designs might worry that the company providing the precision CNC machines could leak these designs, or information regarding the manufacturing process. This may happen with some companies, but absolutely not if you choose to go with Affinity Manufacturing Ltd as your precision CNC machining provider, as we offer a full non disclosure agreement.

There really is no need to look elsewhere for precision CNC machines. We have everything you need for your manufacturing purposes. As recently as July, we’ve added the following advanced CNC precision machines:

Part name: Fuel Cell Parts Material: Nickel 200 Tolerance: +-0.02 mm Challenge: Nickel 200 is highly ductile which makes it very hard to machine.

Part Name: Sensor Switch Material: Turcite Tolerance: +-0.01 mm Challenge: Extremely fragile part to be machined on CNC Lathe & CNC Milling.

For the most advanced precision CNC machines and the best service, we’re the company you can count on.

Why CNC machines are the future

If you have a basic understanding of CNC machines, then it may not surprise you that many people are tapping them to be the future of the manufacturing world, as well as being widespread in domestic use too.

So why are CNC machines the future, and what do I need to know about them?

CNC (computer numerical control) machines are controlled by software, allowing the user to generate a design and have the machine create the product. CNC machines incorporate a whole host of functions such as drilling, routing, milling and cutting, making them extremely versatile.

As CNC machines do not need to be manually controlled while they work, this allows for repeated work to be performed reliably, and over an extensive amount of time. A huge benefit of this is that CNC machines can be left to work with minimal human involvement, allowing a much greater level of productivity and efficiency.

Limitless capabilities

As the technology expands, the only limits or capabilities for the user are their programming abilities and imagination. As the software that accompanies these devices becomes more powerful, yet easier to use, it becomes increasingly accessible to new users.

Rapid rise

Only a decade ago, CNC machines were used predominantly by manufacturers and factories on large scale industrial projects, whereas now the scale is reducing, so that the general public are able to acquire powerful CNC machines to create their own work. This has opened up the potential market for buyers, appealing to an increasing amount of people.

The move to mobile CNC machines

While CNC machines in the past have been generally large machines that are not mobile, the next step in their development looks poised to be mobile devices that are easily portable. It may be that numerous small devices are then able to connect together to create larger projects, with hundreds or thousands working in cooperation on different tasks.

Manufacturing developments

While CNC machines may become more prominent among households and smaller businesses, they are also set to continue their dynamic contribution to large manufacturing companies and factories worldwide.

As the CNC machines themselves become more intricate and advanced, manufacturing companies are able to produce even more precise products, paving the way for advanced developments, such as nanotechnology.

The advancement of the CNC machine remains one of the most exciting developments in modern manufacturing technology and, with the ability to rapidly create products and parts, it is sure to change the way that the manufacturing industry operates, as well as the global economy too.

Do You Need A CNC Milling Machine?

CNC milling machines are one of those inventions that have truly changed the manufacturing industry for the better. As a computer numerical controlled machine, it is operated by a software program instead of a human being, meaning that the results it produces are more detailed, it can make many products in a short space of time and can be completely automated if needed.

A CNC milling machine does all that a regular milling machine would, with all of the above benefits on top of that. If you work in the manufacturing industry then you will probably need a CNC milling machine at some stage to help you with production. The question is, should you purchase, or make one yourself, or simply avail of it from an outside source? The answer to this depends on the needs of your business, for example what and how much of you need to produce and how often you need to do so.

Small CNC milling machines can be relatively easy to make but do require expert skill, so if you do not feel you will be able to make a machine like this accurately then there is no point in doing so, as it will not produce the detailed and qualtitative results that you want. In order to make CNC milling machines, not only do you need excellent mechanical engineering skills, but you also need to be a bit of an IT whiz to be able to write the computer program that runs the CNC milling machine. If you avail use a CNC milling machine from an outside source, like Affinity Manufacturing Ltd, then you will have a team of people with all of these skills available to you, as well as the most up to date CNC machinery.

You must also think of what you need from a CNC milling machine. If you want it to make a prototype or part, then it is not necessarily a good idea to invest in one yourself. You may not wish to follow through with your prototype and if this is the case you will be left with a CNC milling machine that you do not need.  As well, the advantage of outsourcing your machining is that the machining company has multiple machines and expert maintenance, so you are not depending on one machine to function well.  If a machine has a technical problem, or requires maintenance, it can be handled while other machines are still in operation, meaning that production does not have to come to a halt.

If you choose to use Affinity Manufacturing Ltd for a CNC milling machine, the team there will be able to advise you on your prototype, both design and construction wise. We will also offer a non-disclosure agreement so your designs will remain in your hands exclusively.

If you need to use a CNC milling machine on a regular basis for mass production then it may very well be worth investing in one, but for reliable, timely CNC milling machine use, from prototypes to large production runs alike, contact Affinity and let us assist you with your CNC milling machine needs.

What to know about 5 Axis Machining

What is 5 axis machining and what are the benefits to utilizing its abilities? Let’s outline some basic information about CNC machining with a 5 axis capability. 5 axis machining means that the CNC machine is able to fully rotate around an item as it is being manufactured, granting better access from all directions. To do this they use 5 axes at the same time. The X and Y axis move in two directions while the Z axis tool is able to move up and down, then there are two extra (A and B) rotational axes that allow the cutting tool to access the part being tooled from all sides. While that all sounds very complicated and almost impossible, the process is programmed and undertaken by skilled and trained technicians. The computers that run these 5 axis machining systems are easily programmed and are built with the ability that they can be upgraded as new technologies and operating systems become available. New technicians and operators are quickly trained on these machines and are able to run them without complication.

This 5 axis machining is a fantastic way to speed up production runs, as well as producing better quality and higher accuracy items within those runs. It makes the process more cost effective and significantly reduces the time it takes, as compared to a 3 axis machine. Time is money and when it is made possible to produce more items in less time, it just makes sense that more work can be undertaken, increasing profits. The cost to produce each item will decrease as well and less overhead directly translates to more profitability per item. Many manufacturers would choose to pass that lower cost onto their customers, thus being able to offer competitive pricing that will lead to higher numbers of satisfied repeat customers. Happy customers will open new opportunities for a company through new types of jobs and the word of mouth effect. The more they talk about their amazing service, the more they are providing free, positive advertising and that is an invaluable asset to any company.

5 axis machining is the future of CNC machining.  Companies that wish to stay relevant and competitive in the CNC machine milling industry would be smart to invest in the latest and most beneficial technologies.  While many jobs are able to be completed on a lower axis machine, there are many that require being done with a 5 axis. All of these jobs would benefit from 5 axis machining, as it improves the quality of all items rendered. Switching to 5 axis machining produces a snowball effect of positive change that will reassert a company in the machining industry. Companies that offer only slower, less capable machines will quickly be left behind in today’s technology seeking market. utilizes top of the line 5 axis technology to provide the highest quality and perfection in every job. Their goal is to continue to be a driving force in the CNC machining milling industry that challenges all others.

Move Forward with 5 Axis Machining

The manufacturing industry provides the world with many innovations. The equipment that produces the goods we use and consume everyday are impressive and complicated technical feats that most people would never give a thought to.

One of these products is 5 axis machining. This is a type of Computer Numerical Controlled, or CNC, machinery that has brought modern manufacturing to its knees. Gone are the days when machinery constantly needed to be monitored by a human being in order for goods to be produced.


Nowadays machinery is often controlled by a computer program that automates processes and eliminates the need for constant human supervision. This has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, saving time and money as well as leading to much bigger volumes of finished goods.

5 axis machining is the next stage of CNC machinery. It offers 5 processes, each on a different axis of the same machine. This means that one single machine can complete numerous aspects of the manufacturing process such as cutting, milling and more.

Many products can be made with 5 axis machining, with the utmost precision and attention to detail. If you have a business that manufactures a large number of finished goods in a limited amount of time, then you might want to consider investing in 5 axis machining.

You probably already have CNC machining in your factory so why not evolve the manufacturing process and introduce 5 axis machining to your equipment collection? With the right CNC manufacturer, you can work together to create the proper 5 axis machining to suit your manufacturing business, its needs and improve the quality and quantity of finished goods.

The versatility provided by 5 axis machining will also help you develop and improve the composition of the goods you manufacture. Because you will have 5 axes with different tools, you will also have more options. You can advance your output by adding more detail or else make larger quantities. This will also improve profits if your customers respond well to this, which they most likely will.

5 axis machining is an undertaking within your manufacturing firm that is definitely worth it in the end. New CNC machining brings a level of smoothness to your operations that both you and your staff are sure to appreciate. Invest in 5 axis machining and production will become easier, quicker and cheaper in the long run.