Prototype Development

Prototyping and Pre-Production

With our wide range of conventional and CNC machines, we undertake prototyping work and can work with you at all stages of your project till you achieve total satisfaction in the design and working of your parts and assemblies. The prototypes can be followed by small quantity batches to help build the confidence of the processes and your marketing strategies.

Jigs & Fixtures, Molds & Dies, Custom Tools

If you have your own production arrangements, we can design and/or make jigs, fixtures, molds (moulds), dies, custom tools, receiving gauges, assembly fixtures, welding fixtures, custom work-holding, etc.

Supporting R&D

Besides developing advanced processes for in-house use, Affinity has been supporting research and development by engaging with students, scientists, engineers and technologists in schools, colleges, universities, R & D institutions, and other organizations in Canada and United States. We are proud to state that some of the research and development projects we supported from the beginning have blossomed into multi-million dollar commercial establishments.