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Machining Capabilities

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Proud to be certified

Our Quality Management System is ISO9001:2015 and we've been certified for 4 years. We have the experience in providing and documenting the quality of our work that makes it valuable to you.

Who We Are

Affinity Manufacturing Ltd. is a CNC manufacturing company for custom parts, capable of manufacturing a multitude of precision components and assemblies. The expertise, excellence and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of our progress. We have the capacity to handle miniature-size to large-scale mechanical parts and assemblies, with a wide range of materials and suitable tooling. We’ve worked with everything from carbon fiber and polymers to titanium and nickel.

Our current success comes from the vast technical experience of our people which has provided us with an insight into customer requirements and the ability to cater to the individual preferences in areas like accuracy, precision, finish, deliveries and customer service. Our aim has always been total customer satisfaction by continually striving to meet their high expectations. Continuous attention to project scheduling and quality enables us to fulfill customer’s requirements accurately. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than our certification requires. Customers stick with us because we consistently deliver the quality they want according to the time when they need it, at an excellent price.

We are a progressive company always looking to utilize our equipment to its fullest potential. Our 30 000 ft² facility is has evolved Affinity with more space for us to add new CNC machines and inspection equipment to improve quality both in machining and in quality control processes.

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Our Core Values

The Core Values identify the specific characteristics and traits which are the hallmarks of how we carry out our business, how we treat our customers and stakeholders and how we treat one another as members of the Affinity Team.

Teamwork - We work as a team to meet our shared goals.

Affinity doesn’t refer to its employees in hierarchies or ranks: we work together as one big team.

Responsibility - We respect deadlines and prompt responses.

Everyone in Affinity is accountable for their work, to be dutiful and detailed in whatever they do: towards the manufacturing task, inspection, the environment and to each other.

Respect - We value different ideas and experiences.

Creativity is the key to problem-solving, and it can be found anywhere. The Affinity Team is keen to pick up on new and innovative ideas and value its members for all the ways they contribute.

Safety - We care about the health and wellbeing of colleagues and customers.

We always keep ourselves from the hazards present in the manufacturing task through preventing, mitigating or protecting our staff. We implement oil mist collectors, chip guards, coolant recycling systems, ample workspace lighting, thorough staff training and more to keep us safe and do our part in reducing our environmental footprint.

Quality - We measure quality by our clients’ satisfaction.

No part is good unless you can prove it. We measure and document everything we do, so we can evidence the excellence of our workmanship – and the standards are defined by you, the customer.

Excellence - We commit getting better every day.

There is nothing taken for granted or assumed to be perfect in our methods, procedures, or practices. Everything is always kept open for new learning and new opportunities. Continuous improvement is a commitment in all our quality policies.

Work/Life balance - We believe that happy employees bring more energy to the work we do.

Affinity likes to have fun! Every month we have a party or luncheon, and every week there’s a new treat on the table. Every employee that’s excited to be on the Affinity Team is that much more driven to make our company even better than before.